Client Reviews

The good compliments that we receive from our clients always makes us happy and motivates us to perform even better. Here are a few samples of what our customers are saying about Beauty First Spa

★★★★★ by Kayla Richards on 15th October 2021
Got my eyebrows waxed - nice and easy and I love the brows. Friendly staff too.

★★★★★ by Celhanafay Hanafay on 15th October 2021
Jasvir was professional in her service. Highly Knowledgeable about the equipment. She provided a fine service with the laser hair removal.

★★★★★ by Tanya Carr on 13th October 2021
Always come here for face wax and eyebrow shaping. The ladies there are always great. Won't go anywhere else!

★★★★★ by Sarah Bosscher on 5th October 2021
Very welcoming and takes her time with treatment. Very sensative also to customer needs.

★★★★★ by Debbie Kaulback on 4th October 2021
Beautiful shop. Very pleasant and professional staff. Great varied if services. Loved my first experience there, and will recommend to others.

★★★★★ by Victoria DiMatteo on 25th September 2021
I had an amazing experience at Beauty First Spa ! Not only were all the ladies incredibly warm and welcoming but the service was amazing. I got a brow tinting and threading done by Chahat and my brows have never looked better, so glad to have finally found my go to brow spot!

★★★★★ by ITSBRANDONANTHONY on 20th September 2021
Got my ears pierced for the first time by Zankhana and she was very kind, helpful and professional. Maintained a clean and sanitized environment for the whole procedure! Will definitely go again for other services.

★★★★★ by Samiah Farooqi on 19th September 2021
I decided to get my eyebrows done professionally for the first time here. The staff is amazing and super helpful!! Sandeep did an amazing job with my eyebrows and an absolutely great job with my facial! The staff followed covid protocol as well and kept up with sanitizing the station after each use.

★★★★★ by Sarah J on 17th September 2021
My experience here was great. Everyone was very kind and made me feel comfortable. I have been looking for a good place to get my eyebrows threaded for a while now and I am very happy with my results. I will definitely be returning. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Sophie Pires on 14th September 2021
Lovely, friendly and very professional staff. It's always a pleasure getting pampered here. Kareema is a favourite of mine for relaxing facials.

★★★★★ by Romina Ab on 12th September 2021
It was my first there and I always scared going to new places but this place made me feel super good and beautiful eyebrow shaping. love love love the Customer service please keep it up.

★★★★★ by Deepti Bajaj on 10th September 2021
Got my eyebrows ( threading ) done and I am happy by their service.

★★★★★ by Amanda Hill on 9th September 2021
I absolutely love this place! I always rave about them! I leave with the most perfect eyebrows and everyone always compliments me !! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

★★★★★ by Teran Barnes on 8th September 2021
Felt respected and well cared for when getting my eyebrows done, thank you for your service!

★★★★★ by Deb on 6th September 2021
I'm very happy with my service today! I had my brows tinted and laminated and my lashes tinted and lifted. ..completely brightens my face. Jood did a great job explaining the process. She was gentle, and checked my comfort level throughout the procedure. Will, and have recommended to friends. Thank you.

★★★★★ by Patrick Marchesseau on 5th September 2021
I took my 9 year old daughter to get her ears pierced. They made her feel so comfortable and made it a great experience.

★★★★★ by Niina Flo on 4th September 2021
The experience was great! I previously went to the Oakville location until my sister found that they had one here at Sherway Gardens. The two ladies working were so friendly and accommodating. If your looking for eyebrow threading and tint. I WOULD definitely recommend this location.

★★★★★ by Anamika Singh on 4th September 2021
Organized, clean and very friendly service. She did a great job and paid attention to details!!

★★★★★ by Sofia Lombo on 3rd September 2021
Very clean and professional space, they are flexible and able to accommodate appointments.

★★★★★ by Zoe C on 31st August 2021
Got my brows waxed, very professional establishment! I appreciate the time and precision taken to shape my brows they turned out amazing !

★★★★★ by Z M on 31st August 2021
Best place for facials, waxing and threading,💐💐💐

★★★★★ by Marinna Bateman on 29th August 2021
This was my first time here. I decided to go with an eyebrow shaping, tinting and keratin treatment. It was a wonderful experience. My artist was patient, careful and really took her time to get my brows perfect. I will definitely be going back!

★★★★★ by Mona Elshayal on 26th August 2021
Eyebrow threading service was perfect. Very thorough, did a great job. Very professional. Customer service was excellent.

★★★★★ by Sandra Teves on 25th August 2021
Very welcoming, professional. Great overall experience and customer service. Highly recommend!!

★★★★★ by Chelley Chelle on 24th August 2021
Got my eyebrows threaded… the employee was very professional, and informative, and she did a great job! 10/10 would go again.

★★★★★ by Ayo O. on 21st August 2021
It has been a very long time since I got my eyebrows professionally threaded, so I was glad they had an opening for a walk-in like myself a few weeks ago. I described the look I wanted and I got it. My eyebrows were handled with care and precision. And, to top it all off, Sandeep (absolutely lovely and talented) filled in my eyebrows so well that I was inspired to order a brown pencil so I could replicate the work. She even gave a quick and helpful demonstration/walkthrough. All in all, I enjoyed the service. I will go again if I am in the area.

★★★★★ by Julie Kim on 15th August 2021
Got an eye brow threading and lash lifting by Daxa today. Amazing service! Thanks you Daxa :)

★★★★★ by Catalina Garcia on 14th August 2021
First time going here and loved the service! My brows are looking amazing! Very friendly staff as well! Will definitely be coming back again!

★★★★★ by Meaghan Munholland on 12th August 2021
Always a great place to go. I had threading and a lash lift and tint and they've never looked better. Will continue to visit this business for all my facial needs!

★★★★★ by Justine G on 11th August 2021
Went in for eyebrow threading and an eyelash lift. Over all, the service was very good, clean, and efficient. Daxa was attentive and paid attention to detail. She takes pride in her work and really wanted the best results for me, especially when my eyelashes were difficult to curl. My eyebrows and lashes look great! Great experience, would return.

★★★★★ by Sabrina Kolbegger on 4th August 2021
I had a bikini wax and eyebrow threading done by Bushra today and I’m so happy! On top of doing an excellent job, she was very kind and made the experience comfortable for me. The store itself is very clean and all the ladies were warm and friendly. Will be back and definitely would recommend!

★★★★★ by Samantha Hawco on 1st August 2021
I had my eyebrows shaped and tinted. Great service. Made sure I was happy with everything and did a great job communicating with me throughout my service to ensure I was getting the look I wanted. I felt very comfortable and welcome in the space. I feel that the employees are well trained.

★★★★★ by Samantha Hawco on 1st August 2021
I had my eyebrows shaped and tinted. Great service. Made sure I was happy with everything and did a great job communicating with me throughout my service to ensure I was getting the look I wanted. I felt very comfortable and welcome in the space. I feel that the employees are well trained.

★★★★★ by Angel on 24th July 2021
The people working were very nice and positive, i've gotten my ears pierced here and the job was done quick and good :)

★★★★★ by B R on 22nd July 2021
I absolutely love going to this location, the two ladies who work there are so lovely and always do an amazing job! They do a great job threading my brows, and they are definitely keeping up with covid protocols to keep it clean.

★★★★★ by MEM Meredith on 22nd July 2021
Excellent customer service. My brows look amazing. I also received a free tutorial on how to make them look good at home.

★★★★★ by Jade Carmen Davie on 20th July 2021
I had an amazing experience here! For less than $15 you get eyebrow threading, aloe treatment, BB Cream cover up and eyebrow pencil filling! Amazing value! Highly recommend Chahat! 100% coming back here always!

★★★★★ by Danielle Bourdeau on 19th July 2021
Had another wonderful threading experience! She was very friendly and did a fantastic job on my eyebrows which had not had attention in several months. She also recommend specific areas where I can let my eyebrows grow in to make it more even and offers product suggestions to assist. I would highly recommend you visit! I will be back for sure.

★★★★★ by Balvir Dhanda on 15th July 2021
Great place. Friendly staff. Got ear piercing done for both of my daughters. Great service.

★★★★★ by Zoe M on 14th July 2021
Did the Bollywood brow (shape and henna tint) and my brows have never looked better! The staff are very friendly and pay great attention to detail. They really care that your brows look amazing.

★★★★★ by Maha Khawaja on 14th July 2021
I got my brows threaded and it was an amazing experience! I didn’t get the name of the girl who did my threading but she was so sweet, kept using my name in our conversation, and was very knowledgeable about the products. I inquired about eyelash lifts and brow lamination and not only did she take the time to explain the services to me, but she told me about their daily specials so I could save money should I choose these services. I will def be going back! Covid wise they were very clean as well!

★★★★★ by Sonia Faruqi on 13th July 2021
I had a great experience here. The place is clean and spacious. My eyebrows were done better than ever before. The staff are also friendly and personable. I also lost my wallet in the mall and was worried that I may have lost it at Beauty First. The staff were very helpful and understanding. I later found it elsewhere in the mall but I'm grateful to the staff for their support. I recommend this place highly!

★★★★★ by Anna Rzezniczek on 9th July 2021
Got my eyebrows waxed and tinted. They look great and it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing. Place seems hygienic and clean and the front desk was running pretty smoothly/scheduling seemed organized. Definitely go here!

★★★★★ by Polina Ginzburg on 8th July 2021
Very welcoming. Great service. The girls really know what they are doing. Have nice packages, which help you save some money.

★★★★★ by Dyana Daryn on 6th July 2021
The best place to go for eyebrow threading. Lovely staff and super hygienic with their tools.

★★★★★ by Sandra Piedigrossi on 6th July 2021
My eyebrows were done to complete satisfaction. The girl who did my eyebrows listen to what I want and did exactly what I wanted.

★★★★★ by Katy Comegna on 3rd July 2021
I have been having my brows threaded by these girls for almost 10 years and have NEVER had a bad experience even once - well worth every penny & they are beyond friendly & very talented.

★★★★★ by R D on 2nd July 2021
Excellent face threading service! Environment is comfortable and aesthetician is very caring.

★★★★★ by Steve & Ceci Pinto on 11th April 2021
My experience has been wonderful. Staff super professional, caring, and establishment is well-kept. Cleanliness and professionalism is great! I look forward when the Spa opens next time. Covid is terrible!

★★★★★ by Xerez Bridglall on 31st March 2021
Oh man can’t say enough good about this place. The staff have always been kind and professional. They really do care about what they do. I do eyebrow threading and the girls are fantastic!!! Highly highly recommend.

★★★★★ by Beet Root on 26th March 2021
My ear piercing and brow wax were done so well. Place is super clean and staff is friendly and prompt. My drive from Etobicoke to Oakville was worth it!

★★★★★ by Triti Design on 18th March 2021
I did face waxing and facial treatment. She is very kind and friendly. She did well and I like her work.

★★★★★ by Leilah Zaidi on 15th March 2021
Friendly staff, follow Covid protocols, and very happy with the service! Finally found my eyebrow and waxing place!

★★★★★ by Shanique Brooks on 9th March 2021
I had great experience here. My eye brows look amazing . Not to mention the customer service these ladies offer to each customer that comes through there door. It's clean and fresh and they are most definitely keeping up with the covid-19 protocols that are now in place...I will most definitely revisit here for all my eyebrow needs and to use the other services they have to offer.

★★★★★ by Shanique Brooks on 9th March 2021
I had great experience here. My eye brows look amazing . Not to mention the customer service these ladies offer to each customer that comes through there door. It's clean and fresh and they are most definitely keeping up with the covid-19 protocols that are now in place...I will most definitely revisit here for all my eyebrow needs and to use the other services they have to offer.

★★★★★ by Christine Sawyer on 9th March 2021
Friendly, efficient service in a clean setting. This establishment offers the latest trends in the beauty industry. I will be returning.

★★★★★ by JooLs DR on 7th March 2021
Great service! Went in to get eyebrows threaded. Very curteous, knowledgeable, skilled and helpful. Explained everything she was doing. Will definitely be returning in the future!

★★★★★ by Angie Armstrong on 6th March 2021
Eyebrow Threading with tint service ... Associate made sure I was comfortable and answered questions. Very professional staff.

★★★★★ by Karen Ho on 1st March 2021
Wasn’t planning on getting my brows done today but walked by when I was at the Hillcrest mall. They were very accommodating and seated me right away. Lots of space for appropriate social distancing. As per the brows she did an amazing job. I won’t be able to go anywhere else now. She spent a good amount of time on me. Even ended with a small massage. The cherry on top? She put bb cream to hide the redness! So impressed!

★★★★★ by Samantha Humphrey on 28th February 2021
Excellent service at Beauty Spa, professional and so relaxing. I have my eyebrows threaded and tinted and am never disappointed. I can’t wait to try some other services!! Highly recommended.

★★★★★ by Rainynicole on 25th February 2021
They were on time and squeezed me in last minute. The service was well-done and it looked amazing afterward. The girl was so nice as well. I got a lash lift and tint and eyebrow threading.

★★★★★ by Victoria Gross on 24th February 2021
Always a pleasure visiting beauty first. Always satisfied! Love the finishing touches of getting my brows filled in after a threading! Thank you ladies!

★★★★★ by Eshwar Iyer on 6th December 2020
Had a painless, hassle free & perfect ear piercing for my one year old infant. The 14K gold earrings seems to be of very good quality and looks beautiful.

★★★★★ by Andrea Nero on 2nd December 2020
The only place I go for eyebrows! They are clean, professional, and especially now during covid they have done such a great job at keeping up with the cleaning and sanitizing and only taking people who have booked appointments so they can make sure the proper procedures are followed and each client gets the attention they need for their service. Great place!

★★★★★ by Kim Hare on 30th November 2020
I have been going to Beauty First Spa for many years now for a variety of services. The ladies are always very friendly and professional. They always do an excellent job. I have recommended this place to friends before and will continue to do so.

★★★★★ by Ricky Yaholnitsky-Zornow on 23rd November 2020
Great spot for waxing. Got my eyebrows done and they're perfect! Great price too!

★★★★★ by Cait Phelan on 23rd November 2020
Ever since I’ve discovered this place to go and get my eyebrows threaded I’ve also gone. I’m glad they opened up a location close by. Will be back. They always do such an amazing job with waxing and threading.

★★★★★ by Liz Vardan on 14th November 2020
Ear piercing was a great experience for my daughter! Easy and painless. Thanks!

★★★★★ by Chelsea San Carlos on 5th November 2020
The online booking system was very interactive and smooth (received both an e-mail and text for my appointment confirmation). The location is clean and organized. Came to get my brows trimmed and shaped and I was very happy with the results, Sandeep was very professional and courteous, she ensured that I was comfortable during the whole procedure. She also gave me helpful tips on how to maintain my brows. I’ll definitely be seeing her again.

★★★★★ by Krista Wright on 5th November 2020
Loved the way my eyebrows turned out. Very gentle at waxing and almost painless. Definitely plan on going back. Thanks BeautyFirst.

★★★★★ by R J Bhuhi on 24th October 2020
Exceptional Service. Great Employees. I did my bikini wax and ear piercing. Everything was explained to me prior about what to expect and aftercare procedure( For both services ). I chose to go with NEWFREE Wax( recommended by them ) instead of Regular wax and I had definitely felt the difference. The pain was very much bearable with amazing end results. I am definitely going back as they do genuinely care about their clients, Couldn’t be more happier.

★★★★★ by Melanie E Kushner on 18th October 2020
Great job at piercing my ears! Friendly and great service!

★★★★★ by Helene S Meyer on 17th October 2020
I had eyebrow tint, facial ( cleopatra) , firm up body treatment ( hydration with a massage) amazing job by TRIPTI , on all 3. Professional with a nice nature. Never leaves you alone so even when you have a mask on face she gives you a head massage.Wears a mask at all times so felt safe in the clean environment. Great job felt pampered and like a lady again! Will be back. Helene M

★★★★★ by Samantha Wood on 13th October 2020
Excellent eye brow tinting and shaping at a reasonable price! Thanks!

★★★★★ by Darian Rogers-Sysak on 8th October 2020
I have gone here twice, both times with Sandeep. The first time I got my eyebrows threaded & tinted and it was a great experience; I loved them! The second time (today) was for the Cinderella Classic facial. It was perfect. I’ve had basic facials before at “high end” salons for double the price and the one I had today with Sandeep was much better & more comfortable than others that I’ve had. My skin looks amazing and it was so relaxing. Will definitely be going back to see Sandeep :) ALSO, they have an app on your phone that is so easy to use and you can book appointments on it. Extremely convenient.

★★★★★ by Jennifer Baker on 1st October 2020
I’ve had threading and waxing done at the Oakville location by various employees, all of whom are professional, friendly and thorough. I consistently go back for the excellent service. They are also punctual when I’ve made an appointment.

★★★★★ by Mary Cristine Isles on 29th September 2020
Amazing service! Went to get my eyelash extensions and brow lamination for the first time and their service was excellent. Everyone was friendly and really helpful!

★★★★★ by Leiv on 27th September 2020
Just had my lash lift . Turned out very well and excellent service ☺️

★★★★★ by Niloufar Niknejad on 17th September 2020
Clean, friendly, professional and they did a really good job at threading my eyebrows and filling them in after!

★★★★★ by Niloufar Niknejad on 17th September 2020
Clean, friendly, professional and they did a really good job at threading my eyebrows and filling them in after!

★★★★★ by Ali C on 11th September 2020
I had an amazing experience. I had my eye brows threaded and tinted for the first time and will definitely be back. The service that was provided was beyond my expectations. This will be my go to place from now on. Definitely highly recommend. Excellent 5 stars!!

★★★★★ by Michelle Miranda on 9th September 2020
Went to the chain in Burlington and was so excited that they finally came to York Region. If you want your eyebrows shaped by pros, be sure to check out the very clean and comfortable site at Hillcrest Mall

★★★★★ by Elaine H on 18th August 2020
Had my eyebrows threaded and tinted. Excellent service. Esthetician ensured I’d be happy with results

★★★★★ by Denise Pinnock on 14th August 2020
My beautician was prompt to take care of my eyebrows as a walk in client. She went above and beyond to teach me how to enhance my look with eyebrow gel. I normally don't spend on self care, but her service would make me invest in myself again. Thank you so much!!!

★★★★★ by Julie R on 14th August 2020
Never had any issues with Beauty First in the past few years with them. I had quick little services today. Staff was friendly, full PPE on and staff was cleansing every area, and items they used after my appointment.

★★★★★ by Filipa Bulakowski on 12th August 2020
So far my experience with each staff member has been excellent. My eyebrows always look amazing after my visit.

★★★★★ by Shameeha Khan on 7th August 2020
I went to Beauty First to get my first ear lobes pierced. I was very scared but everyone there made me feel super comfortable. They were extremely nice and friendly and they did an awesome job. I will definitely come back here to get my second and third ear lobes pierced!

★★★★★ by Stacie Hurst on 4th August 2020
The Nufree wax that Daxa recommended was definitely less painful than regular wax! I bought an annual membership, because it seems like a great value (and I love that anyone in my household can use it). Daxa was very kind and friendly to work with. I'll be coming back!

★★★★★ by Stacie Hurst on 4th August 2020
The Nufree wax that Daxa recommended was definitely less painful than regular wax! I bought an annual membership, because it seems like a great value (and I love that anyone in my household can use it). Daxa was very kind and friendly to work with. I'll be coming back!

★★★★★ by Jai'lyn Jenkins on 27th July 2020
The place was very clean. This was the first time I got my brows done and I was very satisfied with them. I’m pretty sure the lady’s name started with a M. she was very nice and I felt very comfortable getting my brows done by her. The price was very reasonable and I was very happy with my results, I 100% recommend coming here

★★★★★ by Kelly Riley-Dunbavin on 25th July 2020
Beauty First has been my eyebrow go to ever since opening in Burlington Mall. I highly recommend them. I have never had bad service in all the years I’ve been going - all of the ladies have been amazing. Today, during COVID I was happy to see all the measures put in place for the safety and well being of customers.

★★★★★ by Patrisha Malicdem on 24th July 2020
Overall the best experience ive ever had with piercing!! Very cheap prices for wonderful piercing and great costumer service!❤️

★★★★★ by Amanda Babcock on 24th July 2020
Love Beauty First! They are experts in threading and know how to keep my brows on point!

★★★★★ by Cassandra Clayton on 10th June 2020
I've been coming here since they opened. The staff are always so welcoming and remember your name and the stories you share. It feels like a family.

★★★★★ by Sandhya Maini on 7th June 2020
One of the best shops around for getting your eyebrows and waxing done. They are always on time, its super clean and everyone is very friendly. Can't wait until they are open again.

★★★★★ by Katlyn Pike on 6th June 2020
I always visit beauty first for my eyebrow waxing/threading. They all do an amazing job every time. I won’t go anywhere else!

★★★★★ by Kimba on 6th May 2020
This is my favourite place to get my eyebrows threaded and face waxed. The team provides excellent service and always go the extra mile. Little extras: cold roller to soothe your face after the waxing and they also offer complimentary makeup touch ups to hide the red.

★★★★★ by Max Yardy on 11th March 2020
Amazing and understanding staff, it was my first time getting my brows done - so I was understandably nervous, but the staff were extremely friendly and it was over before I knew it. Best of all, I LOVED the results. Will definitely come again and refer friends.

★★★★★ by Julian Young-Valdovinos on 25th February 2020
Best threading experience I’ve ever had! I travel for a living and I’ve been to MANY places. They know their stuff!

★★★★★ by Renata Vlaho on 23rd February 2020
What a fabulous spot for pampering. It was my 1st time, definitely not my last. Homa was excellent. This shop is top notch. If you need some pampering, I highly recommend Beauty First at Burlington Mall.

★★★★★ by Jessica Rosales on 20th February 2020
Always amazing service and perfect eyebrows! You can’t get better than beauty first

★★★★★ by T Legare on 8th February 2020
Had my brows threaded today, did my brows perfectly! Definitely coming back to this location!!

★★★★★ by V H on 6th February 2020
Jassica did an amazing job on my lash lift and eyebrow tinting. She is professional, knowledgeable, polite, kind and caring. She took the time to answer my questions about the services and products. It was a very pleasant experience.

★★★★★ by Elaine Dimaculangan on 5th February 2020
Noora was very patient when piercing my baby's ears. I am very happy with her service and her work. The price point of the shops services are very fair. Will definitely recommend. Thank you so much!

★★★★★ by Sanchita Rajvanshi on 4th February 2020
I got threading and brazilian wax done here. Sheetal did it for me.I would recommend this place to others

★★★★★ by Romina Pineda on 31st January 2020
Regardless of who I book an appointment with, the service is always top notch and the employees are very kind. My eyebrows look stunning after each visit, and as a regular customer I'm very satisfied!

★★★★★ by Stephanie Melnyk on 21st January 2020
I have been coming to Beauty First for a few years now and I am always so happy! Sadia always does my brows to perfection!

★★★★★ by Helen Youn on 18th January 2020
Great job waxing and threading. Very professional and friendly. Service was quick and the results were perfect.

★★★★★ by Cristina Perri on 11th January 2020
Conveniently located in Oakville Place. It's clean and they provide excellent service.

★★★★★ by Elza Kurbanova on 6th January 2020
I liked how she fixed my eyebrows. Very quick and professional. Thank you! I will come regularly.

★★★★★ by Nancy Coulter on 27th December 2019
Very welcoming environment, I liked the fact that you took the time to know if I had sensitive reaction before going ahead with eyelash extensions. This young woman is very knowledgeable about the services offered and her products. I would be happy to return again. Very good experience by this girl who makes you feel very comfortable and she is very kind . Nancy

★★★★★ by Janice Hillebrandt on 22nd December 2019
Very pleasant and friendly. Helpful at the end of the appointment with products & application explanation. I will definitely be coming back!😊

★★★★★ by Kathy Ivey on 21st December 2019
Amazing customer service! My two granddaughters had their ears pierced today. Beauty First Spa made this a very positive experience. The girls are so happy...

★★★★★ by Vanessa Dunne on 16th December 2019
Great place, love that you don't need an appointment- but you have the option to make one. Most recently had Sandeep do my eyebrows (threading) she was fantastic, very gentle and did a great job. Previously I have had Bharti and she was great as well. I have had others do my eyebrows as well (I guess you really can't go wrong- all times have been good) But Sandeep and Bharti definitely stand out for me. I'll be back :)

★★★★★ by Catherine Ahad on 15th December 2019
I really enjoy the service that I receive from there. The staff are amazing and very helpful. I have had microblading done a recently had a refill done. Thank you Zam for the excellent service. She always offer advice and is helpful. Keep us the great work and keep on smiling.

★★★★★ by Jacki Joy on 14th December 2019
I just had waxing eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line. The ladies in Dixie Mall store are wonderful. They make you feel very special and for the quality of the services I am happy to pay a little more than other places in the mall. Well worth it! Thank you!!!!

★★★★★ by Sally Antown on 13th December 2019
Me and my mom have been going to Nour for a very long time. We love her work. She does a fantastic job every time we stop by to get our eyebrows done. She always takes the time out to ensure it is done properly. She is very kind and professional. We always leave the salon happy :)

★★★★★ by Debbie Court on 12th December 2019
Just had my third visit within the past year and each time I left very satisfied with the results and was very comfortable with the professional staff that looked after me!

★★★★★ by Jessica Oddi on 12th December 2019
Favourite place for hair removal!!

★★★★★ by Alisha Delfine on 4th December 2019
I’ve been a customer at this location for about a year. Eyebrow threading & tinting. Nagham is my regular lady. She is very professional and always does a great job. I recommend this location.

★★★★★ by Teri Dimitrovski on 28th November 2019
Excellent brow shaping - very gentle - great service

★★★★★ by Hazar Alsabagh on 27th November 2019
Sangeeta knows what she's doing! I received waxing services from her. She made sure that I was completely comfortable and took her time. She made sure she didn't miss anything, but most importantly, that I was OK, the wax wasn't too hot and that my skin was fine. She noticed I had dry and sensitive skin and so she adapted her technique to make sure I didn't get hurt by the wax. I would definitely recommend Sangeeta for wax services.

★★★★★ by Tammy Puscher on 14th November 2019
Thank you for your advice and quick service in my first experience of threading. It was wonderful and i will be back. It is the first time i had my upper lip done where i didn't come home and have to pluck what was missed. You are great. I will be back...i have found my new place. Thank you.

★★★★★ by Natasha Travasso on 9th November 2019
Afroz made me feel so comfortable and pampered when I got my services done! She is very professional and caring! The place is so clean and they provide excellent customer service! I highly recommend this place!

★★★★★ by TheBrownEyedBLONDE on 3rd November 2019
I have been going to Sadia for a very long time now and I am ALWAYS so pleased with the results every time. She is absolutely amazing!! I get my brows threaded and my full face waxed! I was introduced to waxing my face by Sadia and let me tell you it’s life changing!!! The difference I see in my skin after it’s done is great! Also my Makeup also goes on so much smoother! I will never go anywhere else!!! The best place to go. You will not be disappointed. :)

★★★★★ by Heather Benton on 3rd November 2019
Walked in without an appointment and was taken right away. The place is bright and very clean. The esthetician did a great job on my brows and convinced me to have my upper lip done as well - so glad I did!

★★★★★ by Violetta Cieplechowicz on 22nd October 2019
I've been getting my eyebrows done here for a year now. The entire staff is very friendly and do a great job. I have purchased the membership here and you receive a decent discount on all of their services (10-20% depending on the service), it really adds up though! I've booked many appointments online and the system is very quick and easy to use. I've also walked in and never had to wait more than 10 minutes. I highly recommend coming here.

★★★★★ by Miranda Jones on 19th October 2019
First time at the spa and Chahat made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Very professional and efficient brow/lip threading. Very minimal pain! Beautiful eyebrow tint, she knew to start with a lighter colour as my brows had never been tinted. Tested a couple makeup products on me that matched my skin flawlessly. Left the spa feeling like a million bucks, will definitely be back. Thank you Chahat :)

★★★★★ by Kathleen Oliver on 16th October 2019
Great threading spot in the mall! The staff are very sweet, listened to what I wanted and did a really nice job. They also give a little extra service companies to other threading places like doing a soothing technique and massage afterwards and offered to touch up my foundation.

★★★★★ by Solange Dowden on 10th October 2019
I always enjoy and throughly satisfied with my experience at Beauty first in particular because of Heena! She is the only esthetician I would let do my eyebrows - threadin, tinting, waxing anything! She is amazing at what she does and I would always travel 40mins from home to her to get my browse done 😂 Heena is simply the best at what she does and she is super sweet and accomodating!

★★★★★ by Devi Bridgelall on 2nd October 2019
Very professional and clean. I got my eyebrows treaded by Kinda. She was so gentle and spent the time to shape, massage and get them right. I also got a second ear piercing from her and she was great. Switched to Beauty First now because of my experience.

★★★★★ by Milena Pribic on 29th September 2019
Great eyebrow spot! I highly recommend Deaba; she did a wonderful job shaping my uneven eyebrows with minimal pain. As someone with sensitive skin, I felt next to nothing and left with beautiful looking brows :)

★★★★★ by Leslie Giorgio on 28th September 2019
Chahat was friendly and made me feel very comfortable during my waxing service. I also did not have to wait long eventhough I did not book an appointment in advance. The leg was was surprisingly pain free and Chahat did a very thorough job at removing the hair. Thanks for such a great service!

★★★★★ by Paige Sneath on 26th September 2019
Went there for the first time today and it was great. Got my first facial and had my eye brows waxed/tinted. Will definitely be returning.

★★★★★ by Sarah Hero on 21st September 2019
I love coming here to get my brows threaded. Shivani does an amazing job. It's nice too because you don't just go, get your brows done and walk around with huge swollen brows. They actually use an ice ball massage, the use a calming oil, then they use BB cream and fill your eyebrows in. It makes it so much more spa like which is nice.

★★★★★ by T Martin on 21st September 2019
Very happy with the service and the price. Not only do my brows look great but the extra touch of applying concealer to hide any redness and filling them in was an outstanding extra. The woman that served me was fantastic and gave great information on what I need to grow out and proper upkeep.

★★★★★ by Leslie Paradis on 21st September 2019
The service was excellent super nice girl who did my eyelash lift and she did an amazingly job, I get compliments constantly.

★★★★★ by Victoria Lee on 16th September 2019
The clinician who pierced my daughter's ears was so patient with us! She drew a dot on my daughter's ear lobes before doing the piercing. The dot on the left ear was placed perfectly on the first try, but we had trouble finding the best spot on the right ear. She ended up re-doing the dot at least 10 -12 times before we finally agreed on the placement. And through all this, she never lost her smile or her patience. My daughter is very happy with the result. Thank you so much! And the price was right, too--less than half of what Caryl Baker Visage charges, for the very same service (Inverness system), with the exact same earrings! I highly recommend Beauty First at Oakville Place Mall.

★★★★★ by Kate Brunath on 10th September 2019
Absolutely love going here. Only two times so far and each has been phenomenal. It doesn’t even feel like I’m getting waxed

★★★★★ by Cheyenne Adam on 30th August 2019
Very nice, was busy but the women who was doing my eye brows and lashes took her time and I appreciate that!! They look amazing would definitely come back!!

★★★★★ by Cynthia Treasure on 30th August 2019
Sabnam was excellent and very professional at facials and dermabrasion. The massage that comes with it is amazing and relaxing😍

★★★★★ by Melissa Motyka on 30th August 2019
Daxa was wonderful during my first henna eyebrow appointment! She was very thorough in explaining what she was doing throughout the process, and made sure to custom mix a colour that matched my hair perfectly. She was so kind and professional, and made sure I was comfortable the entire appointment. I love my new brows and am so happy can leave them natural! Thank you so much, Daxa!

★★★★★ by Alyssa Caballero on 25th August 2019
For my first threading experience, it was enjoyable and I will be sure to do it again in the future. The cooling part was soothing and my redness was concealed with cream. 5 stars!

★★★★★ by Luciana Bertholim Nasciben on 22nd August 2019
I went for an eyebrow threading today and really like the place! Kareema is very kind and friendly, and did a great job! I'll go back for other services!

★★★★★ by Patricia G on 20th August 2019
Very satisfied and happy to have tried this place. I use to go to the ten spot up in Yonge and eg for years and have not been satisfied with the turnover of staff and lack of quality in the services. Beauty first is amazing! Nita did my eyebrows with such care and precision alongside recommending a bb cream that worked well for my skin. The salon itself is clean, the service is above and beyond and most importantly the amount the prices are 100% reasonable !!! Cannot wait to book a facial with them!

★★★★★ by Melissa Boyajian on 19th August 2019
I love this place! Kareema is so kind, helpful, and amazing at what she does. I would recommend anyone to try this place out!

★★★★★ by Val on 15th August 2019
First time going here (used to get waxed at my nail place) and Anusha did a great job on my face. She went over board and gave me a great clean look, listened to everything! Definitely coming back!!

★★★★★ by Miryam Ravji on 11th August 2019
Excellent customer service- I got my eyebrows done here for the first time with Itbi and it was worth it. There was no wait and she exceeded my expectations!! Extremely pleased and I am going to make this my new regular eyebrow place!!

★★★★★ by Keebs on 8th August 2019
I had my eyebrow waxed and threaded and it’s the first time my brows looked that good. Staff were professional and polite. I will definitely go back.

★★★★★ by Sherly Lehr on 3rd August 2019
Clean, friendly and great salon. They are attentive and handle their clients well. I've never had any issues with any of the beauty first salons. They are all well kept and well managed salons.

★★★★★ by Maria Boskovic on 3rd August 2019
Sangeeta was amazing! She was very attentive to detail when doing a brazilian, upper lip and eyebrow wax! I highly recommend coming here and working with her! Had a great first experience at beauty first today! She shared a lot of great tips for the sensitivity of my skin! She suggested using nufree wax and I was so pleased with the results. It really eases the pain especially for someone who has sensitive skin. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Carrie Nie on 1st August 2019
Afroza was lovely! Made my experience very welcoming and comfortable. I will definitely be coming back to this location. I got eyebrow threading and bikini waxing done.

★★★★★ by Melissa Cotter on 28th July 2019
I will certainly be back! Was very happy with my eyebrow wax...that I was convinced to get the Eyelash tint and loving it! I can't wait to try other options!

★★★★★ by Sheri Lee on 26th July 2019
Love my new lashes! They look amazing. Janki was an absolute delight!

★★★★★ by LInda Tudball on 23rd July 2019
Excellent Service. Went in for a brow wax. Included in the price was a lovely rosewater brow massage and concealer! Technician was very gentle and thorough.

★★★★★ by Honest Reviewer on 23rd July 2019
Love love eyebrows look amazing the threading has lasted two weeks. I will be a faithful customer.

★★★★★ by Macphy John on 20th July 2019
So far one of the best facials I have ever done. I thought of trying this new place out just like that and I am glad it turned out so well. Seema did an exceptional job. Will definitely visit again.

★★★★★ by Amber Eileen on 16th July 2019
I always see Rubina at this location for eyebrow threading and she always does a fantastic job. You get great value for the cost here. Brow threading includes threading and trimming, followed by a cooling treatment and mini massage and they even fill in your brows for you. Rubina is always meticulous and shows you each brow when she is done to make sure you are happy. Booking an appointment online is also very simple and easy. I always feel great leaving this salon. It is also very clean with a nice atmosphere.

★★★★★ by Alicia Martínez Ramos on 11th July 2019
Nice welcoming. Efficient arrangements to accommodate clients during a moment of high demand . Jalpa was super professional and efficient during the Facial massage/treatment. The products used for the treatment and the way she worked, made my face look so different. As an added benefit, I got an hour of unexpected total relaxation after a very stressful day. Loved it !!!

★★★★★ by Jennifer Deacon on 10th July 2019
Thank you, Nav! You made a new experience for me much easier. And a big hug for helping me entertain my son during the lengthy microblading procedure! My brows already look amazing!

★★★★★ by Whitney Meyers on 10th July 2019
Excellent service, very friendly and professional! Eye brow wax was great. Will be coming back for other services in the future!

★★★★★ by Jennifer Lawless on 9th July 2019
Love this place! Friendly and accommodating! Pardeep threaded my eyebrows and gave me a lash lift. She is excellent! Caring and professional. Highly recommend!

★★★★★ by Deanna on 5th July 2019
Been a consistent client here for about 2 years now and I go every month for my threading and nufree hair removal. Friendly staff, good promos and amazing products!

★★★★★ by Michelle Marshman on 2nd July 2019
Absolutely in love with my lashes done by Sadia. Get the lift + tint. It lasts for WEEKS. Sadia is meticulous, and turns my short stubby lashes into a work of art

★★★★★ by Stephanie Beaton on 2nd July 2019
Always love going to beauty first for my eyebrows now they have me hooked on henna tinting!! Love it great job!

★★★★★ by Preeti Bidwai on 27th June 2019
Sabnam did waxing and eyebrows for me. She has done amazing work,very polite and knowledgeable of what she is doing. I have found the best place to get done my eyebrows and waxing in Y and E area. The location is inside the center. It was little hard to find them. They have long hours too.

★★★★★ by Tracey Lombardini on 26th June 2019
Loved the massage of the brow at the end! Great service.

★★★★★ by Charlotte Edwards on 20th June 2019
Got my brows shaped and tinted for the first time and I was really nervous, I am SO happy with the outcome! Staff was knowledgeable, patient and kind. Will go back again and again

★★★★★ by Raidah Sadia on 17th June 2019
I got my full face waxed including my eyebrows. Adwena was so amazing! The whole time she made sure if I was okay. She asked me before doing everything. She was so helpful and nice. I was very satisfied with the service. At the end I asked, "which days in a week do you work, i want to come back to you again", and she was so nice to say that "All our staff do an amazing job." I loved the fact that she was so kind and selfless to say that. All thanks to Adwena, I am definitely going back to her!!!

★★★★★ by C Bumanlag on 7th June 2019
Wonderful service! Stations are clean and well maintained. Everyone is so patient and helpful in giving advice on brows, makeup and services offered. Will definitely be back for sure. They take their time and ensure you leave happy! Will recommend it to my family and friends!

★★★★★ by Marwa K on 31st May 2019
Had a great first experience here getting my eyebrows done today. Gentle and thorough and always checking I was happy with the results. I have never had someone thread my eyebrows without it being terribly painful and yet today, I didn't feel a thing! Looking forward to going back!

★★★★★ by Cailen Elliott on 27th May 2019
My mom and I both go here now, for brow threading, tint and eyelash tint. Anusha is the best! The first time I was there, she discussed with me what I wanted, what looks best on me, and she always remembers the next time. Give this place a shot, I'm sure you will not be disappointed. I get compliments on my brows since coming here and seeing Anusha.

★★★★★ by J J on 25th May 2019
My first visit and I am impressed! The space is so clean, and best eye brow shaping and tinting I have ever had. You just got yourself a new regular. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Susie Hoyle on 22nd May 2019
great experience; lash lift and dyed also brow tint and shaped

★★★★★ by Camila Cabello on 22nd May 2019
It was my first time getting my eyebrows done and I was a bit scared because I have naturally thick eyebrows and I was worried they were going to make them too thin but I worried for nothing. I had an amazing experience, Afroz was the lady that did my eyebrows and she was amazing. I definitely recommend this place and I will be coming back!

★★★★★ by Nicole Campbell on 21st May 2019
Got my brows threaded by Yasmine today and they are absolutely perfect! They are perfectly symmetrical, nice and full and a beautiful shape. Seriously my eyebrows have never looked so good.

★★★★★ by Sonisha Paul on 12th May 2019
I went in to Beauty First after seeing how perfect they did my sister’s eyebrows. I went in and Kareema did my eyebrows excellent and full face threading. She also advised me on how to properly take care of my skin. I will be going back!

★★★★★ by T. S. on 8th May 2019
I'm verry happy that I discovered this place for a brow wax! I It's not very close to where I live but definitely worth a drive.They take time and they do excellent job every time.

★★★★★ by Paula May Rabanillo on 7th May 2019
Glad that they took me in just before retail store opened up and I got some few skin care pointers which I like to hear esp how we get busy in our daily regimen

★★★★★ by Freeda Ricardo on 1st May 2019
Excellent experience. Chahat. shaped and threaded eyebrows followed by a cooling massage. She also pencilled in and highlighted. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Jasmine Martin on 30th April 2019
Had a great experience here. Kareema is super friendly, knowledgable and professional. I only got my eyebrows shaped, but I was surprised at how nice they came out! Just amazing service and I'll definitely just go here from now on. Thanks again!

★★★★★ by Randa Sabbagh on 30th April 2019
Pleasant and professional She did my second ear piercing and it was great!

★★★★★ by Stephanie S on 30th April 2019
Great first experience, she took her time and did a great job cleaning up my eyebrows! Will definitely go back.

★★★★★ by Holly Harling on 25th April 2019
Thanks for correcting my appointment mixup and taking me last minute and treating me like a queen. Very polite, professional service. Great service!

★★★★★ by Krista O on 15th April 2019
Great first visit. Lovely staff. Talked me through every step. Knowledgeable about products with out being pushy. Would return again for sure.

★★★★★ by Lydia Francesca Spagnuolo on 14th April 2019
AMAZING. My brows look phenomenal. I never get my brows done because people always chop them up sooooo thin - now, I don't think I can go back to doing them myself. Will be back again, and again.

★★★★★ by Jenny Smith on 11th April 2019
I used to get my brows down at sherway but they never seemed to be able to get them the same as the first time I went so I decided to try beauty first at dixie mall and they did an amazing job and both ladies there that day were so sweet. They definitely have a repeat customer!!!

★★★★★ by Melanie Klie on 10th April 2019
Souhad is amazing and always recalls how I like my brows done. I’m always impressed with the efficiency of booking through the app and the in store experience. Thanks team.

★★★★★ by Alexandra on 29th March 2019
Yasmin is phenomenal. In high school I used to pluck my eyebrows pencil thin, so when I started coming to beauty first Yasmin helped me grow then back! After a few sessions I now have full, beautiful and sculpted brows! They also provide a cooling treatment and a temple massage afterwards to ease the redness. As well as a mini makeover after so you are not hopping around town with glaring red patches on your face! I highly recommend this salon and especially Yasmin to anyone who appreciates good service.

★★★★★ by Rashida L on 28th March 2019
This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax with Beauty First and it was a great experience. Jasvir was professional and friendly and was very gentle, quick and thorough.

★★★★★ by Alma Bilous on 27th March 2019
I am one happy client after getting my Life-long dream turns into reality,Deaba did an Outstanding job with the microblading!!!! Thank u thank u, thanks a million times!!!!!!!

★★★★★ by Jinx LaRue on 18th March 2019
Joein is amazing!!! Lash lift is amazing everytime!!! Below is pics of before and after, no makeup and no filter, just my natural lashes lifted and tinted! Ask for Joein you won't be disappointed

★★★★★ by Alyssa Safraj on 12th March 2019
I have the pleasure of having Rubina do my waxing and threading today. Service was friendly and polite. Results were tremendous. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Dolly Meghji on 11th March 2019
The best waxing and threading I've had done. Very thorough and clean and definitely I would go back for facials and waxing!

★★★★★ by Amanda Lane on 8th March 2019
I absoulty loved it! Best eyebrow, lip and chin service I have ever had. I live an hour away and will 100% drive back for my next service! So much effort was put into making sure everything looked perfect

★★★★★ by Sosia G on 05th March 2019
I came here for upper lip and eyebrow threading and sideburn wax. Had a really good experience, they did a great job. The nicest part was the cooling massage at the end which I've never had before but helped a lot with the inflammation. I also didn't break out from the wax as I normally do. Overall definitely coming back here. Convenient location and they took me right away. Woo!

★★★★★ by Karen Birchall on 04th March 2019
Noora micrcobladed my eyebrows and I am delighted. I was quite specific about what I wanted, and she gave me EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Also it was a very calm experience. Clearly she cared about what she was doing and explained every step. Thank you Noora !

★★★★★ by Stephanie Meythaler on 03rd March 2019
Mayuri did such an amazing job threading my brows. I'm very hesitant trying new places as they always thin my brows but Mayuri actually made them look fuller & better shaped! First time tinting & what a great finish. Very happy with my visit & will definitely be back! Threading includes a soothing ice ball like massage and tone matching foundation applied so your redness goes unnoticed And I am definitely pleased.

★★★★★ by Sheryl Au on 02nd March 2019
I went here to get my first ear piercings, and it was very professionally done. They've sanitized the gun and they were incredibly patient with me and informative when I asked them some questions regarding aftercare and how much it would hurt (happy to say it didn't hurt any more than a flushot). I'm very glad I came here, the ear piercings were affordable, and there's no sign of infection!

★★★★★ by Jenna Coffey on 24th February 2019
Tayeba did a wonderful job on my eyelash lift today! She took extra time to ensure my eyelashes were fully lifted. I love them, will definitely go back to see her again!

★★★★★ by Bliss Robitaille on 22nd February 2019
I had Souhad do my eyelash lift! She was amazing and so friendly from the phone call arranging my appointment was so polite and gave me lots of information! During the process she walked me through telling me what she was doing! Making sure I was comfortable! By the end she did an amazing job!! I will book with her again! Thanks for making me feel beautiful!

★★★★★ by Asmeeta Ingale on 18th February 2019
This was my first visit here and I was pleasantly satisfied with my experience. I went to get my eyebrows done and the salon was very clean and Tayeba was very friendly, didn't rush me though had several people to service and gave my brows a beautiful shape. I left the place happy :)

★★★★★ by Stacey Bolger on 17th February 2019
Highly recommed! Great customer service, and employees were all happy! They did a fantastic job on my eyebrow it truely shows how much of an art it is to their employees! I will deffinally be going back.

★★★★★ by 1421mom on 16th February 2019
Bharti always listens to my requests and threads my eye brows the way I like them. I trust her enough that I brought my teen daughter to have her eye brows and upper lip waxed for first time. Place is also clean and hygienic. No double dipping of wax.

★★★★★ by Samantha D on 14th February 2019
I was a walk-in client and they were able to accommodate me very quickly. Tayeba did my eyebrows and a collagen facial and she did such a thorough job!

★★★★★ by Mackenzie G on 12th February 2019
My aesthetician at Mapleview was very friendly and super accommodating - she took the time to ask me how my waxing appointment was going and made sure I was comfortable. You went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you for going the extra mile!! :)

★★★★★ by Bree Gallagher on 11th February 2019
Pardeep did a partial lash removal for me today. I only wanted a few lashes removed which was an odd request and very hard to do. But she did a perfect job and the lashes I had done elsewhere and were too big before, now look awesome! Another woman helped my mom with selecting some nice lash products, Daxa I believe? Great visit thanks so much!

★★★★★ by Julia Lopapa on 9th February 2019
She went above and beyond to fix my eyebrows that someone else messed up , she's amazing.

★★★★★ by Umi Shamji on 7th February 2019
Professional and relaxing experience with a personal touch. The staff are really kind and warm.

★★★★★ by friesontheside on 6th February 2019
Jeetika was very friendly and professional. She understood exactly how I wanted my eyebrows done and I was very happy with the result (I've had trouble getting the right result from a number of other astheticians that I've tried in other places). I also like how they provide an "experience" there with a short massage at the end and the opportunity to have some complimentary cosmetic work done as well -- very nice! Thanks :)

★★★★★ by Jacqueline Kelly on 5th February 2019
Wonderful service from Homa! I have gone to beauty first for my threading and it always turns out great. I tried the eyebrow tinting on suggestion from my friend who swears by it and they turned out amazing! Great service and great atmosphere.

★★★★★ by Mandy Ajimal on 4th February 2019
I havent been so pleased with eyebrow services in various places for a very long time! I will definitely be coming back for threading. The associate was very friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job on my brows. Thank you so much!

★★★★★ by Cassandra Picot on 1st February 2019
The brow tech did a fabulous job and i liked how it was more then just a threading! I got a mini spa treatment also.

★★★★★ by Brittany Decker on 31st January 2019
The only place I trust to thread my eyebrows! Great service, knowledgeable and understanding! So happy I stumbled upon this place!

★★★★★ by Rachel Rawson on 23rd January 2019
I had an awesome first experience! My technician was kind and thoughtful and took the time to really make sure I was happy with my eyebrows - and she was so skilled! They look amazing! Will be back

★★★★★ by Kelly Pontes on 22nd January 2019
I went to the mall with the intention to get eyebrows threaded. I noticed Beauty First provided this service and decided to try. I was greeted by two ladies upon arrivals and informed me of services I was interested in. I was guided to a chair in prep for my service. Zuni came over to tend to me. After threading, I thought I was done however Zuni stated that my service was not complete. She continued to provide me with a massage utilizing a special tool, then applied and massaged aloe to threaded areas. To finish the session she asked if I wanted to apply BB cream and have my eyebrows filled in with brow pencil. I agreed. I was quite impressed with the steps in which they deliver their service and felt while taking care of. Thank you and I will be returning.

★★★★★ by Kaitlynn Harris on 19th January 2019
Had an amazing facial. Very relaxing and my skin looks and feels amazing. Cant wait for my next appointment.

★★★★★ by Shannon Sohm on 18th January 2019
I always come here for my eyebrows threaded! You get a great job every time, just went today for some first time waxing and she was so gentle and welcoming! Highly recommend great place.

★★★★★ by Jyotsna Jaiswal on 14th January 2019
Excellent service! They make sure to follow all procedures even if you go for the simplest thing. They give careful time and attention to you and are never in rush. I went here for Waxing and is happy with the service.

★★★★★ by Larissa Serrano Kazi on 12th January 2019
I've been going here for over a year now and I love all the ladies here. They are all kind and friendly. I see Sadia for my eyebrow threading (and other ladies too on occasion) and I've never been disappointed. Best to book an appointment. The app makes it so easy. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ by Vanessa Paiva on 2nd January 2019
The best service I've ever received! Very polite and knowledgeable. Will definitely be a regular

★★★★★ by Stephanie Anderson on 2nd January 2019
Great experience! Will be back for sure. Its nice to see the staff taking pride in their work and making sure the customer is completely satisfied.

★★★★★ by Kim Cyr on 2nd January 2019
Wonderful customer service as well as beauty service, and they sell great quality products.

★★★★★ by Robyn Potticary on 29th December 2018
Thank you soooo much! You were so professional, and kind. The Brazilian was quick and painless. You were amazing to a first time threadee, and I am in love with my hairless face. Will definitely recommend, and come back next time I'm in the area. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Kimberly Irwin on 22nd December 2018
Excellent service, walk-in availability, had eyebrow threading and lip waxing - they use a neat tool for cooling the areas, then applied makeup to cover the redness. Price is great too.

★★★★★ by Asmae M on 21st December 2018
She is very good , I always get very satisfied for the job she does ,I'll recomend her very much for any one wants to have a very nice eyebrows She is the best 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

★★★★★ by RiRi on 19th December 2018
Great experience, tinted my eyebrows..!!

★★★★★ by Erin Phillips on 19th December 2018
My esthetician was fast and very good at waxing and threading. Highly recommended!

★★★★★ by Sandra Stewart on 18th December 2018
Awesome experience. Love my eyebrows. Will be back for a facial.

★★★★★ by Judy Roubos on 11th December 2018
Did my eyebrows beautifully.

★★★★★ by A N on 7th December 2018
Love this place , excellent customer service , I have permenently switched to come here only.

★★★★★ by Tara Baker on 7th December 2018
Great first time experience. Never been here before or had threading done. The girl did a great job and the spa was warm staff was friendly and inviting. Would recommend to friends and family.

★★★★★ by Kayla M on 6th December 2018
Favourite place to get my eyebrows threaded!

★★★★★ by Patricia Krijgsman on 19th November 2018
Great service. Fast, thorough and did my brows exactly the way I like them. Nice to have the cooling ball at the end as I have sensitive skin.

★★★★★ by Jacquie Kelly on 16th November 2018
The service was wonderful! Quick and painless threading. Thank you.

★★★★★ by Katie Baker on 16th November 2018
My esthetician was wonderful! Was very genuine and always made sure I was doing okay during the service and gave great recommendations for after care. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Joanna Gutowska on 9th November 2018
I'm not used to my eyebrow ladies being so thorough! I've been twice and have been very well taken care of, and the shape they produced has been perfect. Thank you!

★★★★★ by Elena Ch. on 29th October 2018
We had ear piercing for my daughter, 7. The procedure was very clean and no-rush. Precise spotting for the holes. Daughter is happy.

★★★★★ by Irena Banasik on 21st October 2018
Very nice and friendly. Provides excellent service. Would highly suggest this location and will be coming back.

★★★★★ by Evguenia Makarenia on 17th October 2018
Very pleased with the eyes brow threading I recieved. Was able to get a spot as a walk in. The lady who did it was very professional, fast, but gentle and even did a nice cooling massage after so I could get back in the office without red eyebrows. The place is clean. Definitely recommend and will be going back again.

★★★★★ by Melisa Francis on 14th October 2018
Finally I found someone who can do my eyebrows perfectly fine .And the staff they’re great.

★★★★★ by Sherly Lehr on 12th October 2018
Started by just walking Im when visiting the mall. Had an outstanding first experience. I now go to get my eyebrows done every month. They’re a super friendly, efficient, and clean salon. Very welcoming and informative I recommend them to all my friends and family, you will not be disappointed!

★★★★★ by Kenya Brown on 7th October 2018
I did my eyebrows here today. It’s was one of the best brow experience I’ve had in a long time.

★★★★★ by Danielle Christie on 6th October 2018
I've been here a few times for eyebrow waxing and I would definitely recommend. The whole experience from start to finish is so pleasant. It includes a soothing ice ball like massage and tone matching foundation applied so your redness goes unnoticed while you continue your shopping. They also apply an eyebrow powder or brow mascara to fill in which is a nice touch. I will continue to be back!

★★★★★ by Christine Honsberger on 5th October 2018
Wonderful! Very knowledgeable! She took the time to explain everything to me! She did an amazing job! Eyebrows are perfect! Thank you!

★★★★★ by Christine Uy on 1st October 2018
Nice space, esthetician did a thorough job at eyebrow shaping.

★★★★★ by Karlee Pagliacci on 1st October 2018
My eyebrows always look amazing! Staff is friendly and professional!

★★★★★ by Louise Platiel on 20th September 2018
Love the walk-in availability. Beautiful threading work and they fix up your makeup.

★★★★★ by Elizabeth Barber on 20th September 2018
I had a great experience and really liked the end result. My eyebrows look great! Thank you.

★★★★★ by Lisa Falletta on 14th September 2018
I love this location for any threading I need. Can be a bit busy as it is a mall location but always worth the wait for service (you can make an appointment to avoid, but I have never had longer than 20 min wait as a walk in at the busiest of times). Staff is friendly and very efficient. I really enjoy the extra pampering they give you post hair removal which is exceptional service.

★★★★★ by Patricia Newland on 7th September 2018
Such a relaxing experience. Who knew getting your eyebrows threaded could be so nice.

★★★★★ by Isabel Vumi on 1st September 2018
Very clean, friendly staff. Great place.

★★★★★ by Alysse Estrabillo on 30th August 2018
This was my first visit and I was very pleased with how friendly you were. You were willing to take my appointment at the very end of the day knowing it would run past the mall closing time and I was never rushed. I greatly appreciate the care and time you took with me. You will see me again :-)

★★★★★ by Kerry Parr on 24th August 2018
I brought my daughter in for her first threading experience. We were treated like queens! We won’t go anywhere else from now on.

★★★★★ by Shannah Bigge on 12th August 2018
Consistently great service and always gets my brows perfect.

★★★★★ by Michaella on 4th August 2018
Always have a good experience here with both waxing and threading, staff are friendly, professional and quick.

★★★★★ by Erin Mahabir on 10th July 2018
The service was lovely. I really liked the cold rose water treatment after the threading. Nice touch! I will definitely be back!

★★★★★ by Shauna Jamieson on 7th July 2018
This the only place I ever get my eyebrows threaded. I refuse to go anywhere else! The ladies are always soo unbelievably nice and beautiful. I highly recommend this place to everyone I know. Such great and fair pricing for good quality work. Thank you, ladies!

★★★★★ by Diane Doyle on 29th June 2018
Love this place!! I have had microblading, keratin eyelashes and waxing done, all were great experiences.

★★★★★ by Sophia Maltez on 24th June 2018
Love going to beauty first to get my eyebrows done. The ladies are super helpful and they sure you feel comfortable . You won't be disappointed!!! Best place to go

★★★★★ by Maureen Linehan on 23rd June 2018
First visit and I felt the staff and service was very professional. Other places rush you in and out. Services are slightly more than where I was going before but I felt it was worth it. Bright, clean and spa like. Service was thorough and well explained. Looking forward to return visit and trying the online booking option.

★★★★★ by Micke on 22nd June 2018
Great! First time here and I brought my daughter to have her eyebrows waxed for the first time. The esthetician was gentle and kind and my daughter loved her and had a great experience. Overall the spa is clean and the staff friendly, helpful and professional. I do suggest booking an appointment as this place is very busy ! I will be back to have a bikini wax and bring my daughter again for her brows. Would recommend !

★★★★★ by Savannah McCallum on 13th June 2018
Love this place! I have been going here to have my eyebrows threaded for about a year and I have never been disappointed. All of the ladies are amazing at what they do and they always manage to accommodate me when I walk-in.

★★★★★ by Ade Denyer on 12th June 2018
Beauty first was recommended to my by my daughter. She had a great experience there her first time. I felt pampered, appreciated and relaxed. I’ve been waxing my eyebrows for 30 years now and for the VERY first time, it did not hurt. No redness or skin irritations. The products they used were luxurious and smelled amazing. I’ll be back for sure. Looking into other waxing options! Thank you again.

★★★★★ by Karen El Hajj on 12th June 2018
I had a great experience the salon is very clean, professional staff they sanitize all of the equipment, by far the best hair removal experience in Canada.

★★★★★ by Carolyn Lessard on 3rd June 2018
It was my first visit & I was thoroughly impressed. I was slightly early and was taken in right away. It was my first experience with threading. I would definitely do it again. I also had eyebrow tinting for the first time. I LOVE IT!!! Will definitely keep up with that as well. My aesthetician was amazing. Friendly & professional. She was super helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She explained all the services before we began. My waxing service was incredible & I love that the salon takes great pride in cleanliness & uses separate sticks in the wax. This is a huge plus! All in all a fabulous experience.

★★★★★ by Daniela Grguric on 28th May 2018
Super job I'm very picky and this was done perfectly tint and threading. Thank you

★★★★★ by Tori Knott on 27th May 2018
Great job super nice and professional.

★★★★★ by Rebecca Mayville on 6th May 2018
At other places, an eyebrow wax has you in and out with little to no contact from the person doing your waxing. My experience at Beauty First is the complete opposite. Everyone there is so engaging and welcoming. I felt truly pampered and taken care of - even though I was only there for 15 minutes tops! It was a pleasure to visit and I can't wait to go again.

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