Everything You Need to Know About Our Waxing Products

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This week we wanted to focus on our body waxing services. The thing that makes us so unique is the waxing products we use during any hair removal process. There are two types of wax we use: regular wax and Nufree. We also use an after-care product called Finipil. In combination, our waxing products and Finipil result in clean, moisturized and hair-free skin.

In this post, we’re going to outline the characteristics of our wax that make it so different from other waxing products. We’ll also tell you more about the benefits of using Finipil as an after-care treatment following hair removal.

During the Wax, We Use:

Regular Wax
Nufree Wax

The After-Care:


We pride ourselves in using only the best, all-natural products on our clients. If you ever want to learn more about any of our waxing products during the service, feel free to ask our knowledgeable estheticians!

Finipil is also sold in-store or online so you can continue your wax after-care at home. It can be used as an anti-septic moisturizer at any time!

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