How to Fill in Your Brows in 5 steps

In today’s post we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks on how to fill in your brows at home. We’ll go step by step so it’s easy for anyone to follow!

Step 1: Choose your favorite brow product.

Gel Eyebrow - If you have lighter brows or less hair, we suggest using our Gel Eyebow for a full, defined look.

Eyebrow Pencil - If you want a natural fill, we suggest using our Eyebrow Pencil for a precise application.

Step 2: Create the outline on the rest of your brow, going lighter in the front and heavier at the end.

We always suggest starting with the end of your brows, so you can easily create the shape of the arch, along with the length of your tail first. Then move on to creating the outline at the front of your brow, being sure to have a lighter hand.

Step 3: Start filling in the tail of your brow.

Take your product and fill in the tail of your brow. You can use a heavier hand to fill this part of your brow in as you usually want the tail of your brow to look darker than the rest.

Step 4: Fill in the rest of your brow, going lighter in the front.

Now you can fill in the rest of your brow. A good tip is to start filling it about a quarter of a way through the length of your brow, leaving the front of your brow natural and bare.

Step 5: Brush out your brows and blend product with a spoolie.

Blend! You want your brows to have an ombre effect from the front end of your brow to the tail, going from natural and light in the front to dark and defined in the tail.

And you’re done!

We hope this guide is helpful for anyone who likes filling in their brows at home. Of course, if filling is not for you, we do provide brow lamination and tinting services for our clients.

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