Take a Brow (brows)

Be fuzz free and refresh your eyebrows with our selection of eyebrow services. From eyebrow shaping to eyebrow tinting to microblading, we’ve got so many ways to get you those Insta-worthy, perfect eyebrows.

Boom Boom Brow (eyebrow shaping)
Go from good eyebrows to perfect eyebrows! Choose between eyebrow threading or eyebrow waxing and let us handle the eyebrow shapes.


Wow Brows (eyebrow tinting)
Enhance your eyebrows with a custom eyebrow tint. Because getting your brows tinted doesn’t have to take a lot of effort.


Brow Shaping and Brow Tinting
Looking for a little more than just an eyebrow tinting? Go for a brow shape and tint and get the best eyebrows you could possibly ask for.


3D Brows (microblading)
Say goodbye to pencils, powders and pomades once and for all with this state-of-the-art semi-permanent makeup technique that deposits pigments into the skin. If your brows become a bore, microblading can easily provide you with a fresh and fleeky look.

Microblading touch up/refill: $100. (We recommend 2 refills to be done within 12 weeks of the first service for optimum results)



Microblading (3D embroidery brows )

Say goodbye to pencils, powders and pomades once and for all with the microblading eyebrow procedure. What’s microblading, you ask? The microblading process involves depositing pigment into the skin. The results are flawless, natural eyebrows that are semi-permanent (meaning that they last two to three years)

Microblading eyebrows is perfect for:

· Those with little to no eyebrow hair
· Those with past faded eyebrow tattoos
· Post-chemotherapy or alopecia patients
· Those with asymmetrical eyebrows

So if perfect eyebrows is your question, microblading is your answer.

The Process

First Session (1 hour)

· Consultation to determine ideal brow shape and colour preference.

· Upon approval, we will begin the microblading process. First, we’ll trace the area then start applying the pigment.

· Results depend on your body’s natural healing ability and the pigment used.

· If there is any irregularities in colour tone, this will be corrected in the second session.

Second Session (40 minutes)

· This microblading touch-up session will be scheduled within 30 to 60 days of your first session.

· In this time, fading may have occurred as the skin heals.

· This session will ensure that pigment is as concentrated as possible, thereby preventing future fading.

Sometimes a third session is needed, within 30 days of your touch-up session. It’s not uncommon for clients to return for a third session (plus, we’ll never grow bored of your pretty face).

To book your consultation, please contact one of our six eyebrow salons.

Before After microblading 1 Before After microblading 2 Before After 3d Brows 3

Whip Lash (lashes)

You gotta love your curves (eyelashes included)! Whether it’s a lash tint or a lash lift you’re looking for, we'll make sure they are ready to impress.

Wink Tint (eyelash tinting)
Bat those beautiful eyelashes! Define your eyes with a professional lash tint.


Keratin Lash Lift
This lash lift plus keratin lash treatment duo helps the lashes become healthy, lifted and volumized (AKA the best lash lift!)



Falsies (lash extensions)

A girl is not complete without her lashes! That’s why we offer three different styles of eyelash extensions to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer natural lash extensions or volume lash extensions, we’ve got you covered.

Threading at Beauty First Threading Service at Beauty First eyelash extensions facial services at Beauty First microblading lash lift lash tinting

Eyelash Extensions (classic lashes)
If you’re looking for natural lash extensions, look no further. Our Classic Lashes can be designed and shaped to your preference. These beautiful lash extensions will give you a natural yet polished look.

$140 (Refill*: $69+) 

Eyelash Extensions (volume lashes)
Volume lash extensions will keep you looking fabulous for weeks to come. Volume lashes are the best eyelash extensions for your next party, event or wedding.

$160 (Refill*: $79+) 

Eyelash Extensions (cashmere lashes)
If you like lashes on lashes, keep listening! Our extremely soft Cashmere Lashes wrap around the natural lash to create beautiful eyelashes that are full and better retained.

$175 (Refill*: $79+) 

*By appointment only. Refills done only after consultation with technician.

Feather Eyelash Extension
Classic Eyelash Extension
Volume Eyelash Extension

Facial Hair Removal

With any face threading (or waxing) service, we’ll always make sure to discuss your needs so we can create your desired effect. Throughout the eyebrow threading (or waxing) and face threading process, we’ll ensure that you’re content and well-kempt. When all is said and done, we’ll apply a post wax treatment and a little bit of makeup along with a gentle massage to make sure that you’re camera ready!

Uni Pruny (unibrow)
Two brows are better than one, trust us.


Forego The Fur (forehead)
Furry forehead be gone!


Upper Whisker Whacker (upper lip)
Pucker-up that pretty pout sans peach fuzz.


Lower Whisker Whacker (lower lip)
Turn that frown upside down with a smooth, baby-soft lower lip.


Chinny Chin Chin (chin)
Shine some light on that five o’clock shadow with hair removal of the chin.


Long, Lean and Clean (neck)
“Them neck hairs look fierce” said no one ever.


No, No Nose Hairs (nose)
Ain’t nobody got time for those nose hairs.


Sideburn Snip (sideburns)
Banish those burns. Side profile shwig!


Full Face Sans Brows (full face without brows)
A smooth face is a happy face.


Full Face
We’re talking the full shebang – forehead, brows, sideburns, nostrils, lip and chin. Uh-huh honey.


You’ll have rosie cheeks when we are done!


Under Eye (threading only)
Don’t neglect under those peepers.


*Disclaimer: no refund on services, membership and gift cards. no refund on products after 14 days

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