Your Go-To Guide to Our 4 Body Treatments

Today, we’re going to talk about our body treatments! To start with, we currently offer four different body treatments. All four have a different focus, but come together to enhance your natural body and keep yourself clean and toned. The best thing about our treatments is that you can INSTANTLY see the results post-treatment, and they’re made for women of all ages. Below, we briefly describe each of our body treatments, along with the benefits of all four.

Scrub a Dub:

This is our body exfoliation treatment. We consider this the beginning to all of our treatments, as it helps to really clean your skin and body.
We start by laying the client down on a warm blanket. We always want to make sure you stay comfortable and cozy! Next, we apply the exfoliation product all over your body. It’s removed using a warm towel as well.
After the exfoliation process is complete, we give the client a quick lotion massage to return moisture to the skin.


The Skinny:

This is our very effective “weight loss” treatment. Many clients have seen instant results post-treatment by at least an inch.
The way this treatment works is we apply tight bandages in two areas of the client’s choice. For example, if you want to work on your thighs, we can apply the bandages to both thighs.
We also apply a cooling gel as an after-care product (also available for purchase) If you want to continue the treatment at home, we also sell inch-loss patches!


Smooth Move:

This treatment focuses on cellulite reduction. Just like the name suggests, we aim to smooth out your skin! This treatment specializes in getting rid of excess water retention.
To do this, first we start by applying a special cellulite jelly. The second step is applying a black mud mask all over your body. These combine to remove cellulite from your thighs, arms, butt, and more.


Firm Up:

This treatment helps do exactly what it says: firm up your body! For those who want to show off their toned assets, this treatment is a perfect way to highlight that.
This process uses a white mask all over the body. It essentially works as a body contour.


We hope this has helped you decide which body treatment is right for you! As always, don’t hesitate to call your nearest location and learn more.

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