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How to Fill in Your Brows

Self Care Tips, Jul 29, 2020

Hey ladies! Welcome back to our beauty blog. In today’s post we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks on how to fill in your brows at home. We’ll go step by step so it’s easy for anyone to follow!

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Beauty First Luxury Face Treatments

Luxury Face Treatments, Jul 21, 2020

We wanted to celebrate face services resuming on Friday, July 24th by talking about our various face services and treatments. In this post, we outline what each of our luxury face treatments do and which parts of the face they target! Many of them result long-lasting effects on the full face.

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Everything You Need to Know About Our Waxing Products

Body Waxing, Jul 17, 2020

This week we wanted to focus on our body waxing services. The thing that makes us so unique is the waxing products we use during any hair removal process. There are two types of wax we use: regular wax and Nufree. We also use an after-care product called Finipil. In combination, our waxing products and Finipil result in clean, moisturized and hair-free skin.

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Your Go-To Guide to Our 4 Body Treatments

Body Treatments, Jul 06, 2020

We currently offer four different body treatments. All four have a different focus, but come together to enhance your natural body and keep yourself clean and toned. The best thing about our treatments is that you can INSTANTLY see the results post-treatment, and they’re made for women of all ages. Below, we briefly describe each of our body treatments, along with the benefits of all four.

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Welcome to our Blog

Beauty First Blog, Jul 01, 2020

Welcome to Beauty First Spa’s beauty blog! We’re going to use this space to talk a little more about our services and products. We encourage all of our clients to send us any questions you may have about our services or products that we can discuss on here.

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